Mar 18 2011

Photography Exercise: 3/15/2011

Exercise: I went back to where it all began! On one of my first weekends in early 2010 experimenting with my then-new camera, I had walked around Prospect Park, excited to take pictures. As I approached and began taking pictures of the Meadowport Bridge near the Grand Army Plaza Entrance, I grew increasingly frustrated. Back then, I had no grasp on how to manipulate aperture, switch ISO or increase exposure. My pictures looked nothing like I had envisioned (or wanted). It was a disheartening day.

A few days ago I decided to return to the bridge that had frustrated me so much a year ago. I brought both lenses I own, with the goal of shooting the bridge in as many ways as possible. A traditional roll of film is 24 (or 36) images, so I wanted to leave with at least 24 interesting images to share.

Here are my 24 favorite images from the shoot. You can see the lens, aperture, and shutter speed notes for each picture by clicking the "i" in the top left.