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Winter Squash Impulsivity

We stopped at People’s Coop several rainy Fridays ago, drawn to lower SE Portland with the idea of enjoying a smoothie from Sip before heading inside to re-fill a few bulk spice containers.

Fresh from the Market: Salsify

When salsify showed up in our CSA share a few months ago, I tucked a whiskery bunch of the vegetable into our bag with curiosity.

A Melon Primer

The Saturday before we traveled to England, I found myself easily able to predict what fruit we'd find at the farmers' market, and planned accordingly.

Fresh from the Market: Romano Beans

If you and I closed our eyes and simultaneously thought of summer foods, I bet we'd come up with similar lists: tomatoes, corn, peppers, watermelon, beans.

A Pea and Legume Primer

Sugar snap peas, snow peas, shelling peas, and fava beans.

Fresh from the Market: Rhubarb

I know I should have posted a "Fresh from the Market" on rhubarb before I shared the last two rhubarb recipes, but when thinking about baking versus writing, espeically with fresh rhubarb in the fridge, I had no choice but to bake first, and write later.

Fresh from the Market: Spring Radishes

I've taken to eating radishes as the French do: whole, served with one ramekin of whipped butter and another of chunky sea salt.

Fresh from the Market: Brussels Sprouts

In my mind, the reason "Brussels sprouts" is capitalized is because they're some of the best vegetables around.

Fresh from the Market: Apricots

We enjoyed an apricot filled weekend, making and eating a delicious apricot crumb cake and enjoying Kevin West’s smooth apricot jam on our toast.

Fresh from the Market: Zucchini

Zucchini can be so much more than a bland addition to the side salad you’re planning on pushing around with your fork.

Fresh from the Market: Fava Beans

I’ve eaten favas before this summer, but I’d never cooked with them-- meaning that I’d never had the pleasure of uncovering the vibrant green bean pod, layer by layer.

Fresh from the Market: Strawberries

The Fresh from the Market posts have gone by the wayside for awhile--but not without awareness on this end!

Fresh from the Market: Fiddleheads

Ramps, nettles, fiddleheads.

Fresh from the Market: Asparagus

Asparagus is here!

Fresh from the Market: Spring Parsnips

I love parsnips, especially when paired with carrots.

Fresh from the Market: Carrots

It distresses me that too many children (and adults) first associate carrots with those baby carrots with ranch dip, served alongside celery: the stereotypical crudite platter.

Fresh From the Market: Acorn Squash

I have to be honest:  I find acorn squash to be beautiful on the outside and lackluster on the inside.

Fresh from the Market: Bosc Pears

I admit to knowing very little about the differences between pear varieties.