Apr 15 2011

Barnyard Greetings

I was practicing frugality a few weeks ago when I spotted Albertine's Press' Barnyard Greetings cards at Word.  I picked them up, admired them, and then put them back down.

On my subway ride home, I spent part of the trip thinking about how unique the cards were (what can I say?  I love letterpress, especially when combined with food!) and I regretted not purchasing them.  I regretted this fact so much that I was inspired to reach out to Boston based Albertine Press to see if they could share a few images of the cards with me, in order for me to share them with you on Cheery Observations.

Shelley Barandes of Albertine Press replied with a friendly message, but could only include a small format picture, which certainly didn't do the cards justice.  I decided to pick up the cards next time I was in Greenpoint.  As it turns out, I didn't have to wait that long.  While looking for Easter cards in Papel, I immediately saw several boxes of Barnyard Greetings and quickly grabbed one (it's not like there were people clustered around me, shoving me out of the way for a box of Barnyard cards, but you never know).

The box contains 6 cards, each with a different animal and a different sentiment.  The horse's neigh translates to 'thanks'.  The chicken's cluck translates to 'congrats'.  The pig's oink translates to 'I love you'.  These cards are perfect to send to a kid, an animal lover, a friend, or to keep for yourself (like I'm going to do!)