Sep 27 2010

Fall at the Tucker Square Greenmarket

Summer has been acting like that house guest who has completely overstayed her welcome: it's been here for nearly 5 months and, until recently, has shown no signs of leaving!

Today’s chillier, rainy weather may have elicited groans and snooze buttons from some, but I was actually excited to wake up to a dreary Monday.  It means that Fall is here--or at least coming our way.  I was in New England this weekend and drove past some seriously stunning foliage.  We're probably 1-2 weeks way from our own orange, red, and yellow leaves!

There were plenty of signs of Fall at last week's Tucker Square Greenmarket.  I saw and bought pumpkins, pears, and gourds, as well as summer's last pepper and squash harvest.

This farmers market is a weekday staple for residents and professionals on the Upper West Side.  Wedged in between Columbus Avenue and 66th Street, visitors can see the Lincoln Center when looking one way and the American Folk Art Museum when looking the other.  It was easy to become caught up in the hustle and energy.   I walked to the market from Midtown, so my stroll took me along Central Park West, past the Time Warner Center, and then right beside the Lincoln Center.   Nestled in between these amazing sources of art and culture is a market full of passionate farmers.

Stokes Farm’s stand is located at the top corner of the market.  Their flavorful products are accompanied by helpful signs and tips.  Last week, they were selling heirloom tomatoes, many varieties of eggplants, cut flowers, mums, and peppers. As you walk further into the market, you’ll pass (and hopefully stop at!) Bobolink and Ashnan Farms.  I made a pit stop at Prospect Hill Orchards’ stand, which was like 'one stop' Fall shopping:  maple syrup, apples, pears, pumpkins and gnarly gourds.

Along with me, shoppers included a variety of retirees, professionals, and students.  This market not only provides much of what you need for a complete meal--it energizes you enough to go home and make that meal!

For a more complete list of market vendors, go here and here.

Tucker Square is open year round each Thursday and Saturday from 8-5 pm.