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Even Pull Farm Preview

In early October, I drove deep into Oregon’s wine country twice, but I never had a sip of wine.

Farmers as Community

Writers, policy makers, chefs, and tv personalities love to strike the “food as community” gong, urging us, their audience, to gather around the table, to cook for each other, to know who grows our food, and to connect over a plate of whatever is freshest and most in season.

Relatable Reality

What does a farming internship prepare you to do?

Incremental Steps to a Healthier Community

America is a collection of untethered individuals.

Zenger's Broader Focus

After much conversation and anticipation, “Hell Week” had finally arrived for Zenger Farm interns Brad, Brittany, and Aaron.

Reconnecting to a Sustainable Future

When I get in my car, my only hope is to reach my destination as quickly as possible, whether that destination is ten minutes away or two hours.

Schoolyard Farms

Shortly before lunch at Schoolyard Farms' summer camp, Courtney Leeds and Brooke Hieserich decided to shake things up for a few minutes.

Precision Agriculture

Standing inside a cool warehouse, surrounded by rack upon rack of oak and steel barrels in various stages of fermentation, Drew Herman was willing to let me taste as much wine as I wanted.

Harmony & Balance at The Croft

While early dusk settled across downtown Portland, the sun still shone brilliantly orange a mere fifteen minutes away, casting long and dappled light onto Sauvie Island.

A Restorative Perspective

Genevieve Flanagan is currently a farmer without a single pea pod, head of lettuce, or red radish to show for it.

When Tasks Become Second Nature

A lot had changed in the 6 weeks between my first visit to Zenger Farm and the warm late May days of my most recent visits.

Fruit Trees for a Community

The chocolate chip cookies were melting in the surprisingly warm April sun.

Zenger's Interns, Early April

I met Zenger Farm's new interns on a cloudy Wednesday morning, a day when the cool air felt refreshing and hopeful, buffered by a warm breeze and punctuated by noises around the property: tilling of the planting fields, chattering children on a school trip, and construction on Zenger’s soon-to-open Grange.

Growth, Edible and Otherwise

I can feel it in the ever-warming air: winter is over, and the food at Portland area farmers’ markets has finally started to match the warmer temperatures.

Food as Culture: The Romantic Realities of Food in Italy

Talking about food is best on a full stomach, as the resulting discourse, often fraught and conflicted, flows best when not hindered by hunger-induced crankiness.

A Growing Maturity

At a Wednesday CSA pick-up at Working Hands Farm in Hillsboro, Oregon, that “imperative to feed people” stood out clearly, just as it had when I observed the farm’s CSA pick-up last year.

Knowing Your (Grocery Store) Farmer

My husband recently rushed home from picking up a box of pasta at our local grocery store, eager to relay a conversation he’d overheard before forgetting its details.

Farming Together

"Farming” in America holds many meanings, and only a few have anything to do with food.

A Year of Transitions

As much as they might crave a comfy couch, a relaxing beverage, and a sturdy ottoman, farmers don’t have the luxury of sitting down for an extended chat.

Winter Squash Impulsivity

We stopped at People’s Coop several rainy Fridays ago, drawn to lower SE Portland with the idea of enjoying a smoothie from Sip before heading inside to re-fill a few bulk spice containers.

Lawns that Feed

Picture a neighborhood – not an area of urban density, but a typical block of single family homes.

Market Snapshots: Hillsdale's Market

While the Portland Farmers Market operates eight prominent markets around the city, there are other local farmers’ markets that exist outside of this official umbrella.

Nurturing a Natural Ecosystem

Last summer, Nathan Moomaw recruited customers for his new pastured based meat farm, Moomaw Family Farm, before owning a single animal.

Planting Roots

Few words are as visually evocative, or as illustrative of their definition, as “tumbleweed”.

Guiding the Land Through the Seasons

It was more than open land that I suddenly craved; I wanted to interact with more of nature’s elements than just water.

“Growing Food for People We Know”

A few weeks ago, I listened to an NPR piece about the Oregon Country Fair.

Cultivating Food & Community

There's frequently a disconnect between how people portray themselves online, and how they act in reality: the bubbliest, most engaged person on iChat ends up being taciturn and standoffish in person.

Developing Community & Flavor at Blue Bee Farm

"Sorry, I take pictures of poop," Shanna Schlitz ruefully shrugged as she crouched over an unidentified specimen with her iPhone.

A Commitment in Ink

Since moving to Portland, I've quickly developed an appreciation for a wide range of tattoo art.

Ensuring Diversity by Preserving the Past

Spending time on a farm tends to lead to deep philosophical conversations about the nature of life and society.

New Series | Farming Together

It's a well reported fact that the average age of an American farmer is nearly 60 years old.

Market Snapshots: Springs' Textures & Colors

On Saturday, in between shopping for various kinds of raab, cabbage, and chard, I passed the shopping bags to Justin, as I was eager to play with our new camera, the Fujifilm x100s.

Market Snapshots: The Shemanski Winter Market

Portland's main farmers' market (Saturday's PSU Market) may be on hiatus for these middle winter months, but the Portland Farmers' Market organization hasn't left us market-goers in a complete lurch.

Market Snapshots: The First of December

It's an unfortunate reality that by December, many farmers' markets are shut for the season.

Atmospheric Pumpkin Picking

A few weekends ago, Justin and I, along with several friends, drove the ten miles from SE Portland to Sauvie Island, on a pumpkin picking quest.

Farm Profile | Sunset Lane's Pursuit of Flavor and Tradition

On a recent episode of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, Bourdain explored Austin, Texas during the insanity of the South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival.

Market Snapshots: Summer at Shemanski Park

While working on a photo assignment, I found myself with thirty minutes to 'waste' at the Shemanski Park Farmers Market.

A Mid-August Farm Dinner

We booked tickets for a Plate and Pitchfork farm dinner as soon as we moved to Portland.

Farm Profile | MudJoy Farm's Levels of Diversity

Harry Short grows varieties of vegetables that you've never heard of.

Up Close at PSU's Farmers' Market

I rented a 60mm macro lens last week.

Farm Bill Update: The Ongoing Food Stamp Debate

The Farm Bill reauthorization is steadily moving forward, with Senators and committees recommending cuts and shifts.

So Much Ag, So Little Food. Understanding the Farm Bill

Despite its innocuous name, the Farm Bill is a beast of legislation.

Market Snapshots: This Last Week

I feel like I blinked and the food at the farmers' markets transitioned from beets and carrots to strawberries, fava beans, snap peas, and asparagus.

Market Snapshots: Opening Day of the PSU Farmers’ Market

I awoke on Saturday to the realization that it was both St.

Market Snapshots: Bursts of Color in Winter

Across the country, January was the fourth warmest January on record.

Farmstead Meatsmith

I found myself smiling and nodding along to a video about butchery.

Market Snapshots: Union Square Greenmarket

I only had time to take a few pictures before I quickly ran out of hands as I checked off items from my shopping list!

Wandering East London

If Copenhagen were the meat (or cheese, if you're a vegetarian!) of our trip, then London served as the sandwich bread for said meat.

Peach Picking

Fishkill Farms has one of the most welcoming stands at the greenmarket.

Market Snapshots: Union Square Greenmarket

A mid-August Greenmarket is a fine place to shop.

Market Snapshots: Andaz Farmers Market

Have you heard of the Andaz hotel chain?

Finally: Putting the CAFO out to Pasture

The CAFO Reader has been a long (clearly, I started over four months ago!) and challenging read.

Swiss Chard Study

We had beautiful, seasonal wildflowers at our wedding, but I've since remarked that if I were to marry again again (you know--in a parallel universe), I'd be tempted to carry stunning greens (or even a bouquet of asparagus).

Stone Barns in June

It’s no secret that I love Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture.

Part 6: Technological Takeover

What image comes into your head when you hear the phrase ‘technological takeover’?

My Third Try

Last year, I grew several herbs from seed.

Ouch, those nettles sting!

While we were in Portland, exploring the farmers market, we couldn't help but notice how many farmers' stands featured stinging nettles.

Market Snapshots: Portland Edition

Last Saturday, we spent all morning at the Portland Farmers Market, located along the grassy park in the middle of Portland State University's campus.

A Well- Timed Discussion & Part 5

I attended a panel discussion several weeks ago at NYU that corresponded perfectly with the section I just finished in The CAFO Reader--in fact, the timing of the panel felt almost like I had planned it.

Market Grown Bags

Designers Catalina RozoMelissa Clinard recently created these bags to support local farmers in Alachua County, FL.

Market Snapshots

This market was blooming with flowers...and not much else.

Part 4: The Loss of Diversity

I found Part 4 of The CAFO Reader to be dense and slightly repetitive.

Part 3: Inside the CAFO

Each summer in elementary school, my brother and I would participate in the summer library program.

Part 2: Myths of the CAFO

“Once plants and animals were raised together on the same farm.

Part 1: The Pathological Mindset of the CAFO

Fittingly enough, Part 1 of The CAFO Reader starts from the true beginning of the development of industrial meat production.

Gathering my Thoughts: The CAFO Reader

Some people assign themselves enjoyable New Year’s resolutions along the lines of ‘See friends more’ or ‘Take time for me’.

Market Snapshots

Market Snapshots

Fall at the Tucker Square Greenmarket

Today’s chillier, rainy weather may have elicited groans and snooze buttons from some, but I was actually excited to wake up to a dreary Monday.

Dinner in Neversink’s Barn

As I quickly mentioned in the previous post, we drove out to Neversink, New York on Saturday for a barn dinner hosted by Neversink Farm and prepared by the staff of the West Village's Bobo restaurant.

Barn Dinner

Our Saturday was...long.

Appreciating the New Amsterdam Market

When Justin and I moved to Brooklyn last Fall, we were inundated with things to see, do, and eat.

Fiery Tomato Sauce

I view a homemade tomato sauce as a blank slate.

In Conclusion Oak Grove’s Details

After reading about the dedication and heart the Blews put in each day at Oak Grove Plantation, you’re probably wondering more about their products.

“We’ve Persisted”: Part 2

The years following the purchase and creation of Oak Grove Plantation saw Ted and Susan Blew raising four young children while striving to make the farm as successful as possible.

“We’ve Persisted”: Part 1

“People used to say it’s going to be the hardest thing you’ll ever do, buying a farm.

The Fruit of One Farmer’s Labor

Last week, I braved the BQE, navigated the Verrazano, and drove to Pittstown, NJ.

A Summer Feast

When we returned from our honeymoon, we faced the end of vacation woes:  an empty fridge, piles of laundry, and exhaustion.

The Future of Urban Agriculture

Last night I attended 'Room to Grow': Real Roles for City Residents & Food Professionals in Urban Agriculture.

Tasty Local Jam