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Even Pull Farm Preview

In early October, I drove deep into Oregon’s wine country twice, but I never had a sip of wine.

Harmony & Balance at The Croft

While early dusk settled across downtown Portland, the sun still shone brilliantly orange a mere fifteen minutes away, casting long and dappled light onto Sauvie Island.

San Francisco Sour(flour)

When Danny Gabriner first began baking bread, he gave away 1,000 loaves for free.

The Taste of “Good” Pasta

Americans consistently elevate Italian food culture onto a mantle of gastronomic fulfillment.

Food as Culture: The Romantic Realities of Food in Italy

Talking about food is best on a full stomach, as the resulting discourse, often fraught and conflicted, flows best when not hindered by hunger-induced crankiness.

Stay Tuned

Michael Pollan.

Knowing Your (Grocery Store) Farmer

My husband recently rushed home from picking up a box of pasta at our local grocery store, eager to relay a conversation he’d overheard before forgetting its details.

Non-Preachy Pie

Imagine the hardiest slice of seasonal fruit pie you’ve ever eaten, cut and served to you by two Canadian sisters baking in a space barely big enough to hold the three of you.

A Year of Transitions

As much as they might crave a comfy couch, a relaxing beverage, and a sturdy ottoman, farmers don’t have the luxury of sitting down for an extended chat.

Winter Squash Impulsivity

We stopped at People’s Coop several rainy Fridays ago, drawn to lower SE Portland with the idea of enjoying a smoothie from Sip before heading inside to re-fill a few bulk spice containers.

Lawns that Feed

Picture a neighborhood – not an area of urban density, but a typical block of single family homes.

Vancouver's Victory Gardeners

I’m usually not the type of person who notices cars in my daily life, but if I lived in Vancouver, British Columbia, I’m pretty sure that I’d recognize one of Victory Gardens’ trucks driving around town.

Nurturing a Natural Ecosystem

Last summer, Nathan Moomaw recruited customers for his new pastured based meat farm, Moomaw Family Farm, before owning a single animal.

Planting Roots

Few words are as visually evocative, or as illustrative of their definition, as “tumbleweed”.

Guiding the Land Through the Seasons

It was more than open land that I suddenly craved; I wanted to interact with more of nature’s elements than just water.

“Growing Food for People We Know”

A few weeks ago, I listened to an NPR piece about the Oregon Country Fair.

Cultivating Food & Community

There's frequently a disconnect between how people portray themselves online, and how they act in reality: the bubbliest, most engaged person on iChat ends up being taciturn and standoffish in person.

Developing Community & Flavor at Blue Bee Farm

"Sorry, I take pictures of poop," Shanna Schlitz ruefully shrugged as she crouched over an unidentified specimen with her iPhone.

A Commitment in Ink

Since moving to Portland, I've quickly developed an appreciation for a wide range of tattoo art.

Ensuring Diversity by Preserving the Past

Spending time on a farm tends to lead to deep philosophical conversations about the nature of life and society.

Good Fast (Trail) Food

In a food cart built from scratch, I watched Picnic's John Dovydenas and Jen Cox form bread from giant containers of yeasted dough, roast carrots into softly blistered orange chunks, slice freshly roasted Kookoolan chickens to order, and hand customers hearty, creative cookie combinations like olive oil and pine nut.

Fresh from the Market: Salsify

When salsify showed up in our CSA share a few months ago, I tucked a whiskery bunch of the vegetable into our bag with curiosity.

Artisan Profile: Darling Press Stationers

Portland is currently the capital of the independent craftsman (as Crafty Wonderland's recent massive, convention-hall-sized-spread of Etsy sellers clearly illustrated).

The Victory Garden of Tomorrow

Our modern interest in homesteading is more than a fleeting pursuit.

Sauvie Island's Grazing Goat Herd

You'd be forgiven for believing that goat herding, as a profession, doesn't exist in the United States.

A Melon Primer

The Saturday before we traveled to England, I found myself easily able to predict what fruit we'd find at the farmers' market, and planned accordingly.

Farm Profile | Sunset Lane's Pursuit of Flavor and Tradition

On a recent episode of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, Bourdain explored Austin, Texas during the insanity of the South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival.

Fresh from the Market: Romano Beans

If you and I closed our eyes and simultaneously thought of summer foods, I bet we'd come up with similar lists: tomatoes, corn, peppers, watermelon, beans.

Farm Profile | MudJoy Farm's Levels of Diversity

Harry Short grows varieties of vegetables that you've never heard of.

A Pea and Legume Primer

Sugar snap peas, snow peas, shelling peas, and fava beans.

Fresh from the Market: Rhubarb

I know I should have posted a "Fresh from the Market" on rhubarb before I shared the last two rhubarb recipes, but when thinking about baking versus writing, espeically with fresh rhubarb in the fridge, I had no choice but to bake first, and write later.

Fresh from the Market: Spring Radishes

I've taken to eating radishes as the French do: whole, served with one ramekin of whipped butter and another of chunky sea salt.

Images from the Butter + Love Kitchen

The images are in chronological order in the gallery.

Artisan Profile: Butter + Love

A girl from a large, close-knit Kansas family graduates high school and moves East.

Coming Soon: Butter + Love

On Monday, I spent three hours in a Sunset Park industrial kitchen with Alison Walla of Butter + Love.

Fresh from the Market: Brussels Sprouts

In my mind, the reason "Brussels sprouts" is capitalized is because they're some of the best vegetables around.

Fresh from the Market: Apricots

We enjoyed an apricot filled weekend, making and eating a delicious apricot crumb cake and enjoying Kevin West’s smooth apricot jam on our toast.

A General Store for the 21st Century

I’ve noticed a common thread among the local artisans, farmers, and purveyors I most admire: they’ve each learned to accept, and even embrace, nuance and unpredictability without sacrificing the quality of their product.

Fresh from the Market: Zucchini

Zucchini can be so much more than a bland addition to the side salad you’re planning on pushing around with your fork.

Fresh from the Market: Fava Beans

I’ve eaten favas before this summer, but I’d never cooked with them-- meaning that I’d never had the pleasure of uncovering the vibrant green bean pod, layer by layer.

Fresh from the Market: Strawberries

The Fresh from the Market posts have gone by the wayside for awhile--but not without awareness on this end!

Artisan Profile: Rachel’s Pies

I’d first tried Rachel’s Pies at the inaugural Fort Greene Brooklyn Flea of the summer.

Fresh from the Market: Fiddleheads

Ramps, nettles, fiddleheads.

Fresh from the Market: Asparagus

Asparagus is here!

Fresh from the Market: Spring Parsnips

I love parsnips, especially when paired with carrots.

Fresh from the Market: Carrots

It distresses me that too many children (and adults) first associate carrots with those baby carrots with ranch dip, served alongside celery: the stereotypical crudite platter.

Artisan Profile: Brooklyn Butcher Blocks

When Nils Wessell, the one-man woodworker/proprietor/owner of Brooklyn Butcher Blocks agreed to meet me at 'the pie shop', there was no confusion as to which pie shop he meant:  Gowanus’ Four and Twenty Blackbirds—THE pie shop, at least in our opinions.

Fresh From the Market: Acorn Squash

I have to be honest:  I find acorn squash to be beautiful on the outside and lackluster on the inside.

Fresh from the Market: Bosc Pears

I admit to knowing very little about the differences between pear varieties.

Artisan Profile: Bailey Doesn’t Bark

My first time exploring Etsy was also the first time I noticed Bailey Doesn’t Bark.

Fall at the Tucker Square Greenmarket

Today’s chillier, rainy weather may have elicited groans and snooze buttons from some, but I was actually excited to wake up to a dreary Monday.