Crash-Free Baking

If you walked into my kitchen one afternoon, the winter light reflecting off of cabinets and counters like a blue-ish laser beam, and saw this cake sitting on one of those counters, delicate and decadent, you might feel your shock crowding out your hunger. Cake in January?? Cake in January!!

The mixed reaction is understandable: most of us have just closed the door on a season of indulgences (some of us never do – we just work out more), and if so, seeing a chocolate cake with camellia-pink frosting is just cruel. But this cake, in addition to the standard doses of flour, sugar, and butter, also contains four roasted beets and a bunch of kale leaves.


2014 Coffee: Reflections & Highlights

If you’re inclined to reflect on the previous year, I suggest that you save and then categorize a year’s worth of coffee bags. Though I’m an ardent list maker, I’ve never been able to consistently write things down throughout the year, whether it’s books I’ve read or runs I’ve gone on. I do enjoy recording lists for short trips – coffee shops and restaurants – and then carrying that list around with me for reference. And I seem to always have a morphable top five list in my head of movies and restaurants (though I couldn’t name my “top five” for Chris Rock).


Three Shades of Cauliflower

As adults, we tend to think of our personalities as fixed. We’re either A or B, introvert or extrovert, talkative or quiet. In fact, we all show different sides of our personalities throughout the day. An intimate confidant may bring out an expressive, opinionated side; an attention-seeking acquaintance may dilute our conversational skills into nods and “mmhmms”. One’s needs and self-expressions change throughout the day too, interactions with others aside. I often find that I’m more open to new experiences in the morning, less prone to forcing things. Alternatively, those who are quiet, head-down types in an office environment may morph into people who are decidedly more boisterous and showy in the evening.