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Farmers as Community

Writers, policy makers, chefs, and tv personalities love to strike the “food as community” gong, urging us, their audience, to gather around the table, to cook for each other, to know who grows our food, and to connect over a plate of whatever is freshest and most in season.

Relatable Reality

What does a farming internship prepare you to do?

Incremental Steps to a Healthier Community

America is a collection of untethered individuals.

Zenger's Broader Focus

After much conversation and anticipation, “Hell Week” had finally arrived for Zenger Farm interns Brad, Brittany, and Aaron.

Reconnecting to a Sustainable Future

When I get in my car, my only hope is to reach my destination as quickly as possible, whether that destination is ten minutes away or two hours.

Schoolyard Farms

Shortly before lunch at Schoolyard Farms' summer camp, Courtney Leeds and Brooke Hieserich decided to shake things up for a few minutes.

Precision Agriculture

Standing inside a cool warehouse, surrounded by rack upon rack of oak and steel barrels in various stages of fermentation, Drew Herman was willing to let me taste as much wine as I wanted.

A Restorative Perspective

Genevieve Flanagan is currently a farmer without a single pea pod, head of lettuce, or red radish to show for it.

When Tasks Become Second Nature

A lot had changed in the 6 weeks between my first visit to Zenger Farm and the warm late May days of my most recent visits.

Fruit Trees for a Community

The chocolate chip cookies were melting in the surprisingly warm April sun.

Zenger's Interns, Early April

I met Zenger Farm's new interns on a cloudy Wednesday morning, a day when the cool air felt refreshing and hopeful, buffered by a warm breeze and punctuated by noises around the property: tilling of the planting fields, chattering children on a school trip, and construction on Zenger’s soon-to-open Grange.

Growth, Edible and Otherwise

I can feel it in the ever-warming air: winter is over, and the food at Portland area farmers’ markets has finally started to match the warmer temperatures.