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Adventures in Canning: Honey & Sage Pear Jam

January’s kitchen exploits have been defined by pears.

Adventures in Canning: Revisiting Tomato Jam

Two summers ago, this tomato jam recipe transformed me from a canning dabbler into a canning convert.

Adventures in Canning: Apricot Jam

There were a few food trade-offs I was prepared to make when I moved to Portland.

Adventures in Canning: Pickled Beets

I didn’t reveal this in my previous post on beet brownies, but the reason I had a a few extra beets – the perfect quantity for those brownies – was because I’d over-purchased beets for my pickling project.

Adventures in Canning: Plum Jam

On Sunday, our neighbors invited us over to pick plums from their Italian plum tree.

Adventures in Canning: "Grown Up" Red Cherry Jam

Cherry season was finicky in New York.

Adventures in Canning: Pickled Asparagus

I first started canning last year; because it was my first year, I kept things fairly straightforward.

Adventures in Canning: Roasted Rhubarb Jam

I'm clearly on a rhubarb streak, as the last recipe I wrote about also features the stalky vegetable.

Adventures in Canning: Pear Butter

I knew I wanted to tackle one more canning and preserving project this Winter before we move.

Adventures in Canning: Apple Butter

After my previous disastrous canning attempt, I needed a victory in the preserving department.

Adventures in Canning: Not the Kind of Adventure I Wanted

It was bound to happen.

Adventures in Canning: Tomatoes

Canning and preserving tomatoes felt unsettlingly like participating in a high school biology class experiment.

Adventures in Canning: Ginger Peach Jam

I’m so hot right now that I’m tempted to write:  yum peaches.

Adventures in Canning: Rhubarb Jam

I fear I may be too late on this post...but I'll share this recipe anyways, in case you spot some rhubarb at the market this weekend.

Adventures in Canning: Strawberry Jam

Several Saturdays ago, we brought a cardboard box up the farmers market.

Adventures in Canning: Apple Jelly

"If you've never made jelly before, this a great place to start.

Adventures in Canning: Lemon Curd

As previously mentioned, I've spent a few chilly Winter days researching the intricacies of canning and preserving, with the goal of capitalizing on the glut of strawberries, tomatoes, and more that will soon overtake the farmers' markets.

More than Kale

This Winter, I've slowly gathered books on canning and preserving.