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Rearranging Resolutions

At the start of this year, I’d planned to put myself on a voluntary “sweets” hiatus, prompted by the same desires (cleansing, renewal, focus) most of us feel as we unwrap and hang new calendars and adjust to writing a new digit on letters and checks.

A Whole Grain Bookend

I’ve never been able to consistently keep a journal or a diary.

Baking to Focus

I'm selective about the recipes I share on this site.

Embracing Change in the Form of a Cookie

Certain things change when you get married.

An Energy Boost

I've come to rely on afternoon snack breaks.

Pick a ‘Stache, any ‘Stache

When I was in the kitchen with Alison and Michael of Butter + Love, I watched the entire process of jam cookie creation.

Artisan Profile: Butter + Love

A girl from a large, close-knit Kansas family graduates high school and moves East.

Looks can be deceiving

These gingerbread people are a motley crew.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband, Justin!

Small Batch Cookies

It happens every few weeks: I crave a fresh-out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookie.

Pistachio Biscotti

It shouldn’t be a secret that I have a fondness for pistachios.

Earl Grey Biscotti

I love the idea of cooking with tea and, in fact, own a different tea cookbook, Tea Cuisine.

One Girl Cookies: A Focus on Quality

One Girl Cookies is one of my favorite places in all of Brooklyn and just happened to be next on my round of cupcake reviews!