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Even Pull Farm Preview

In early October, I drove deep into Oregon’s wine country twice, but I never had a sip of wine.

Farmers as Community

Writers, policy makers, chefs, and tv personalities love to strike the “food as community” gong, urging us, their audience, to gather around the table, to cook for each other, to know who grows our food, and to connect over a plate of whatever is freshest and most in season.

Zenger's Broader Focus

After much conversation and anticipation, “Hell Week” had finally arrived for Zenger Farm interns Brad, Brittany, and Aaron.

When Tasks Become Second Nature

A lot had changed in the 6 weeks between my first visit to Zenger Farm and the warm late May days of my most recent visits.

Market Snapshots: Hillsdale's Market

While the Portland Farmers Market operates eight prominent markets around the city, there are other local farmers’ markets that exist outside of this official umbrella.

Signs of the Season

How Urban Gleaners Rescues a Wasted Opportunity

It's no surprise that living in an age of globalized trade and supermarket chains has changed the way we shop for food.

Blueberry Muffins, Closer than Usual

If I had to guess, I'd say that nearly everyone has made blueberry muffins before.

The Ladies Across the Street

You can barely walk a block in SE Portland without hearing a soft 'cluck cluck' or an insistent 'bok bok' from a back or side yard.

June's Ingredients

Sunset over Portland

Everyone knows about Portland's rain, but you probably were unaware of the amount of daylight Portland receives.

A Repeat Visit

A few weeks ago, I planned a bike ride that took me from our house in Portland's Sunnyside neighborhood down to the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden and back, roughly 10 miles in total.

The Dream of the 1950s is Alive in Portland

What makes a product so alluring that you'd leave your grocery store line to investigate it?

Late Night Radish Quiche

I already wrote about one way to cook radishes: as a component in a refreshing spring pasta.

One Block Radius

We've been in Portland for 10 days and it's rained 8 of those days.

Ella at Nearly 5 Months | Family Photography

You can never predict the course that friendships will take in your life, and that's certainly been the case with my friendship with Rachel.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Images from the Butter + Love Kitchen

The images are in chronological order in the gallery.

Parallel Life

My dad is a therapist to troubled adolescent boys, and a good one at that.

Evi and Sam | Prospect Park Engagement Pictures

Sam and Evi are good friends of ours from Washington, DC.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and friends.

Doorways, Stoops & Numbers

Working from home has its perks (hot chocolate breaks, cuddles with my cat, sweatshirts), but sometimes I just have to get out of the apartment.

Mile 7, NYC Marathon

How do I describe the rush of seeing elite athletes run by me, clocking 4:30 minute miles?

Portraits with the 85mm

I had to mail back (my) the 85mm lens yesterday.

Time to Wander

Our goal this year was to leave the city by 10:30 and eat a picnic lunch on one of the shaded lawns.

Bridge over the Canal

I frequently walk between Brooklyn's Park Slope and Carroll Gardens neighborhoods, either via Union Street or Carroll Street.

2010 in Pictures

Note: It was incredibly difficult to narrow each month down to a solitary picture, especially when most months contained trips, birthdays, weddings, and incredible food.


We spent Saturday on Governors Island.

Chocolate Cake & Tea Break

Photos from a Festive 4th

Temperatures climbed and kept climbing this past holiday weekend.

Scenes from the Dalmatian Coast: Lush Vegetation

I'm dedicating several of my next posts to pictures from our recent trip to the Dalmatian coast of Croatia.

Decorative Onions?

For the past few weeks, flowers resembling fuzzy orbs have been popping up everywhere.

A Simple Rhubarb Puree

As the farmers' markets continue their spring time unveiling, you can now find rhubarb at many of the stands.

Hidden Personalities

My parents live on 5 acres on the outskirts of a medium size town in Virginia.


Justin and I took a quick visit to D.C.

The Brooklyn Flea: Revisited

Late this past Fall, right after moving to New York, we wandered down to the Dumbo location of the Brooklyn Flea.

Jumping on the Ramp Bandwagon

Until moving to Brooklyn, I was unaware of the relative insanity that surrounds the start of ramp season.

Our First Spring Green

I was unaware of exactly how delicious and fleeting pea shoots were until they became a surprise addition in our Garden of Eve CSA share this past weekend.

Brooklyn Bridge Park: Pier 1

The Brooklyn Bridge Park is a massive undertaking.

Spring at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Flowering Dogwood

This particular Dogwood tree outside of our apartment was a blink or you'll miss it situation.

Top of the Rock

Saturday ended up being sunnier than expected, so we made an impromptu decision to go to the top of Rockefeller Center (Top of the Rock) on our way to the Museum of Modern Art.

Wishing Away the Cold…

This past week of warm weather has me completely spoiled.

Animals with Personality

This past weekend, I had the chance to visit The Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture.

Snow in Brooklyn

After watching with increasing horror as the snow piled up in Washington, DC, where we used to live, we're finally getting our own taste of winter weather.

Bright Colors in Winter

Yesterday, we took advantage of the refreshing sunny weather to wander through Central Park.