Uncanny Similarities between Parenting and Gardening

Daily life is frequently driven by our imaginings of present bliss and future success. As a gardener, I’m motivated to improve upon last year’s incarnation of growth, ideally assimilating lessons on how to grow healthier plants, deter pests of all shapes and sizes, and fill my harvest baskets (read: kitchen bowls) with a plethora of bright and nutritious food.

The dreamy musings of one’s future garden are part of the allure of gardening; the fact that one can plan a spreadsheet garden, miraculously free from hail, slugs, and blight, makes the whole endeavor appear wildly enjoyable. In the planning stages, a garden can be anything! Rows upon rows of delicate lettuces, unmarred by pill bugs. Perfectly trellised tomatoes, the plump fruit picked at the peak moment of flavor. Raised beds filled to the brim with a variety of vegetables and flowers, attracting pollinators and humans alike with their intoxicating beauty.


Growing for the Long Term

I have a son. A son that’s rapidly approaching 6 months of life. As expected, my husband and my life is entirely different, irrevocably changed. To share that having a son—a delightful, babbling, silly, strong, energetic, engaged, opinionated little man named Hugh—has made me a different person feels ridiculously simplistic, yet the simplicity of that remark is appropriate for my current state of parenting.


Even Pull Farm Preview

In early October, I drove deep into Oregon’s wine country twice, but I never had a sip of wine.

Instead, I returned home with a beautiful bouquet of zinnias and dahlias, courtesy of Beth Satterwhite, co-farmer of McMinnville’s Even Pull Farm. Beth, along with her partner Erik Grimstad, grow an impressive number of vegetable and flower varieties on two acres of rented land tucked beside hazelnut orchards and grass-seed fields. Though only two years into full-time farming, the couple has quickly assimilated into McMinnville’s food scene, and their vegetables are prominently featured in wine country home kitchens and local restaurants.