Feb 28 2011

Design that Needs to Become Reality

While browsing The Die Line, I stumbled across this post and frantically started clicking around.  Was this simply a design or was it actually a reality?  Let me save you some time:  this wonderful creation is not a reality...yet.

Designer Joel Derksen created '8', a container gardening kit that (in his words) "unites the social elements of food, ethical and moral issues about food production, and contemporary technology."

Sometimes when I see a concept that really resonates with me,  I get shaky, excited, and want to share it with as many people as possible.  That's why I'm bumping a post I've already written for today to share this design.  The drawings and colors are like a cross between YeeHaw Industries and the design style prevalent at Stone Barns.

The concept delightfully merges modern technology and an innately human task (growing your own food), while tapping into the sense of homey community that I-and many- crave.

8 is designed to help anyone learn how to garden.  Along with growing supplies, the kit contains an iPhone app, dinner invitations, and a social networking site.  Yes, please!

See a few more pictures, by clicking HERE!