Nov 10 2013

Market Snapshots: Hillsdale's Market

Where: Hillsdale’s Sunday Farmers’ Market

When: July, August, and October, 2013

While the Portland Farmers Market operates eight prominent markets around the city, there are other local farmers’ markets that exist outside of this official umbrella. These non-affiliated markets frequently feature some familiar farmers and vendors, yet the feel of each independent market is slightly different, as each hosting organization or market manager brings unique ideas to the vendor arrangement and extra-curricular events and demonstrations.

One such independent market operates in the parking lot of Hillsdale’s Wilson High School each Sunday from May to November and every other Sunday from December to April. The Hillsdale neighborhood is located in SW Portland and offers easy access to OHSU and hiking and biking in the SW hills.

Though the Hillsdale Farmers’ Market is without shade, leading to lots of squinting on especially sunny days, the setting of the market is ideal for families and shoppers who want to meander. The managers created a wide center boulevard, which leaves ample room to browse or dart from booth to booth. The market clusters the prepared food vendors at the very end, close to a demonstration tent, where on one visit a chef was showcasing a few recipes from Deborah Madison’s new cookbook.

Neighboring the white market tents is a hill that overlooks a network of playing fields. It’s a perfect area for a picnic of market purchases... or that scone that you couldn’t resist buying from the Bakeshop tent. Each time I shop at the Hillsdale market, I feel like I’m entering a low-key neighborhood gathering spot. Instead of a destination for tourists and visitors, this market is an integral part of many residents’ weekends.