May 05 2010

Hidden Personalities

One more post from our recent trip to the homestead (my parents' house)!

My parents live on 5 acres on the outskirts of a medium size town in Virginia.  The land surrounding their home is beautiful, offering direct access to nature.  It's always possible to grab 5 minutes of absolute, unadulterated peace just by sitting in the yard and reflecting on the surroundings.

On the flip side, being that alone is a slippery slope to loneliness, especially for a Brooklynite like myself.  Growing up there, there were times when I sought the quiet and other times when I thought I'd go a bit crazy from the feelings of isolation that would creep in.

This past visit, I spent some time wandering the property.  As I took a closer look at the many statues and figures that demarcate the untamed woods and the house,  the personality within each inanimate figure was quickly revealed.