Oct 20 2011

Portraits with the 85mm

I had to mail back (my) the 85mm lens yesterday.  In my mind, the weather was appropriately gloomy as I walked the block to the post office holding the box.  I felt very comfortable using this lens in the short time I had it.  I wouldn't say it 'fit like a glove' (mostly because it's very heavy!) but it's a beautiful tool:  it picks up a huge range of light and captures images crisply in all aperture stops and shutter speeds.

I challenge you to resist the surreal images it produces at f1.4!  I wanted to practice a few portraits with the lens, so Justin willingly volunteered himself--and I never mind taking pictures of my husband! After stopping at the Lincoln Center to quickly see the outdoor IBM Think exhibit, we walked to Central Park, taking advantage of the deep greens that occur before future colors of reds and oranges. (Justin seemed pretty comfortable in front of the camera; check out his Calvin Klein pose (as we dubbed it) behind the fence!)