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Own Rooted

In the back corner of Portland’s Enso Winery, past the warm, dark hued tasting room and into the brightly lit production space, I found Fossil and Fawn’s Jenny Mosbacher in a giant plastic square fermenter, pants-less and shoveling buckets of freshly fermented grapes, skins, and various other grape parts into a cylindrical wine press.

Preservation, Locally Adapted

"The advantage of industrialization is that you get consistency," Shaun Winter stated succinctly on a hot summer afternoon outside of The Fresh Pot in North Portland.

The Product Within


Cheese with a (Traceable) Story

All that stood between me and the cheesemaking room was a set of steamy windows.

Baked with its Own Identity

Paola Smith is covered in flour and moving lithely hours before most Portlanders have sipped their first coveted cup of coffee.

Transformation, in Tea & Business

I distinctly remember the first time I heard about kombucha.

Cultures, Microbial and Otherwise

It wouldn’t surprise anyone who reads this site that my list of favorite foods is exceedingly large, ranging from cheese to bread, beer to wine, sauerkraut to pickles.