Jun 27 2011

The High Line Part 2

The High Line is one of my favorite places in all of Manhattan.  Once a working freight train route for much of lower Manhattan, it's now a thriving elevated urban park.  The High Line is actually a three part project.  Phase 1 opened in June 2009; Phase 2 just opened several weeks ago.

We eagerly visited the line this weekend, along with thousands of other people.  Yesterday's visit also coincided with the Gay Pride Parade, an especially joyous affair thanks to the recent legalization of same-sex marriage in New  York.   Sunday night in the city felt much more like a Saturday night at a street festival!

At times the High Line had a claustrophobic feel--the line of people walking the line stretched as far as I could see, and we frequently had to walk single file in narrower sections.  Despite the crowds, visitors were respectful of the park and each other--most people had stashed their cell phones and were contentedly strolling along.  

I spent much of my time enjoying the views both to the sides (the waterfront and various buildings) and below (all of the amazing vegetation and grasses).  I'm eager to return, perhaps during a less hectic time!