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Harmony & Balance at The Croft

While early dusk settled across downtown Portland, the sun still shone brilliantly orange a mere fifteen minutes away, casting long and dappled light onto Sauvie Island.

Developing Community & Flavor at Blue Bee Farm

"Sorry, I take pictures of poop," Shanna Schlitz ruefully shrugged as she crouched over an unidentified specimen with her iPhone.

Atmospheric Pumpkin Picking

A few weekends ago, Justin and I, along with several friends, drove the ten miles from SE Portland to Sauvie Island, on a pumpkin picking quest.

Sauvie Island's Grazing Goat Herd

You'd be forgiven for believing that goat herding, as a profession, doesn't exist in the United States.

A Mid-August Farm Dinner

We booked tickets for a Plate and Pitchfork farm dinner as soon as we moved to Portland.