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How often do you think about the passing of time?

A Moment

When Hugh and I are strolling about town, me hoisting his increasingly heavy frame in a front facing carrier, we’re frequently greeted by those we walk past.

A Metric for Everything

Americans like to talk about how hard we work.

Allowing Moments of Simple Enjoyment

Hugh is 7 and a half months old and my garden is ripe within the heyday of summer.

A Good Start

Instead, Justin often proudly remarks that it’s the most productive and healthy garden I’ve (we’ve) ever grown.

Good...and its Opposite

“Good Baby”.

Uncanny Similarities between Parenting and Gardening

Daily life is frequently driven by our imaginings of present bliss and future success.

Growing for the Long Term

I have a son.

Shaking Off Frustrations

A garden can lift you up or break you down, and this year, our garden has succeeded at doing both.

There is No Finish Line

The summer garden is in its final days.

The Gardening Identity

I know that my garden is a living, breathing entity, a “creature” that will blossom, thrive (or not), and eventually die.

Optimism and Possibilities

June in the garden: a time when anxious planning transforms into fleeting optimism.

Observations for Next Year

We moved in February, leaving behind two years of garden experimentation at our rental house.

An Adequate Response

It’s happened again.

The Garden Takes Care of Itself

The past few days aside, May and early June felt like summer in the Pacific Northwest.

Growing Season, Already?

After a long winter hiatus, when I first picked up the little green notebook in which I record gardening notes, I flipped to see when the last entry was.

Our 2nd Spring

In the past year, amidst unpacking, painting, gardening, work, and trips near and far, Portland's weather shifted according to the seasons: Summer involved three months of surreally beautiful dry weather, Fall brought unexpected color change, and Winter, a season I was prepared to "survive", was mild – gentler than previous years', I've heard.

Mimosa Tree Woes

As July turned to August, I didn't share a garden update because much remained the same.

A Lucky Day

I didn’t know it at the time, but the day I took photos of our blooming sunflower turned out to be the only day the sunflower looked healthy and strong.

Complacency Forgiven

June was a productive month for our 4x4 garden, the multiple container plants scattered about our driveway, and the flowers in both the front and back yards.

Midnight Gardening with “Ladies in Red”

The last time I wrote about gardening and general backyard maintenance, I was still cleaning things up and progress inched along.

Dandelions, Slugs, and Buried Yard Tools

To me, one of the most exciting parts of home rentership, aside from doing laundry whenever I want and not hearing the neighbor's conversations, is having a yard.

Summer Garden Update

In May, I shared that I was gathering items to start my own fire escape garden.

My Third Try

Last year, I grew several herbs from seed.

Design that Needs to Become Reality

While browsing The Die Line, I stumbled across this post and frantically started clicking around.