Oct 13 2011

Decades in the Making

The last my parents visited Central Park, they were younger than I am now!  (My dad was 18!)  Last Friday, we subwayed in to 59th Street for a cupcake at Magnolia Bakery and followed our sugar high with a lovely walk through Central Park.

Last Friday's weather was perfect.  Everything feels better and more positive in beautiful weather:  I probably could have taken them kayaking along the Gowanus and they would have been charmed (maybe not...).

Central Park is an interesting experience no matter the weather or time of day, but the 60 degree sunny weather certainly contributed to the park's friendly, captivating feel that day.  We walked through the zoo, over several bridges, down Poets' Walk, to the Bethesda Fountain, and back.  I hope my parents don't have to wait ___ years (I don't want to share their ages without their permission, so let's just say 'several decades') before their next visit!