Nov 17 2011

Doorways, Stoops & Numbers

Working from home has its perks (hot chocolate breaks, cuddles with my cat, sweatshirts), but sometimes I just have to get out of the apartment. When I feel stir-crazy, I tend to wander. Often I don't have a specific destination in mind, but rather leave on an impulse, thinking thoughts like 'today I'll wander to this neighborhood and eventually end up at this coffee shop'. (My wandering usually ends with a macchiato and a baked good!)

While I wander Brooklyn's neighborhoods I look at stoops, door steps, door numbers, and potted plants, appreciating the many ways a homeowner personalizes their brownstone or home.

These pictures show the remarkable diversity in number choice, door color, and the general way each owner would--if they knew you--welcome you into their home.

These images span Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, and Boerum Hill. I hope to keep adding to my collection over the next few months.