Nov 28 2011

Evi and Sam | Prospect Park Engagement Pictures

Sam and Evi are good friends of ours from Washington, DC. Well, technically, Evi is a good friend of ours from DC, but we didn't meet Sam until after we moved! Extremely long story short, we met Evi when she was part of another couple. Right around the time we got married, Evi and "Guy A" broke up (meaning that neither of them could make our wedding--a personal sidenote!). After Justin and I moved to Brooklyn, Evi began talking more and more about her "good friend" Sam. I easily read between the lines of these emails--this was no "good friend". She was totally smitten!

We make fairly frequent trips back down to the DC area to visit family and friends and so, over the past two years, we've had a chance to get to know Sam over dinner and drinks. I remember how Evi acted when she was with her other boyfriend: she was friendly and sweet, but nowhere near as comfortable and happy as she is with Sam. Sam proposed to Evi over Labor Day weekend and after learning the news, I offered to take their engagement pictures.

My offer was partly self-motivated: I wanted more experience with people photography and portraits. I also wanted an excuse to see them!

Sam and Evi visited Brooklyn over Veteran's Day weekend, which coincided with the most beautiful Fall weather of the season (good timing, guys!). We wandered brownstone Brooklyn and Prospect Park, enjoying the spectacular Fall light and colors. Thank you for making my first engagement session such fun!