Mar 11 2011

Feature: A Trip to the East End

It's time for my second travel feature!  The Feature section of Cheery Observations is a magazine style format, complete with varying layouts, picture styles, and fonts.  Below is the first paragraph of my feature on Long Island's East End.  Click the picture to access the complete article!

When it comes to the Hamptons, I’m of two minds. Their physical beauty certainly lives up to the hype. The 40 mile stretch of coast on the East End of Long Island between West Hampton and Montauk is seriously stunning. Glance at a map and you’ll see that the beach literally stretches from one end to another—you could walk/run/bike/skip/hop this entire stretch, uninterrupted.

This unusual shelf is due to the glacier shelf retreating North. The coast is dotted with mansions that you may have glimpsed in movies or on The Real Housewives of NYC, if that’s your thing. On a March weekend, the waves were rugged and the beaches were spectacularly calm. I can’t deny the natural beauty.  Click the picture to read the rest of the feature!