Mar 13 2012


We landed in Portland on Wednesday night, after an enjoyable drive from Brooklyn to St. Paul, Minnesota. After the movers quickly unloaded all of our belongings, Justin and I immediately began unboxing and trying to sort everything. In fact, we were unpacking the kitchen as the movers were bringing boxes into the kitchen!

Unfortunately, I couldn't sustain that level of efficiency for longer than an hour. One of the biggest roadblocks to unpacking further is that we're repainting quite a few rooms in the house, namely all of the rooms currently painted green. The new paint on my office walls has dried and by the end of tonight we should be sleeping soundly (paint fumes aside) in our freshly painted bedroom.

I'll be back to regular content within the next few days, as well as a few larger changes to this blog, within the next month or so (hint: a new name and different layout).