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Farming Together

"Farming” in America holds many meanings, and only a few have anything to do with food.

Snowshoeing with an iPhone

In my past thoughts about snowshoeing, I conjured up images of myself stylishly bundled up, casually tramping over snow, enjoying a low-impact activity.

To the Coast

No visit to Portland should be considered complete without a day trip to the Oregon Coast.

Visiting "Waterfront Chic"

It's disconcerting to visit a new place with certain expectations, only to arrive and find that your expectations missed the mark.

On Leaving Brooklyn

Moving to Brooklyn changed me.

Market Snapshots: Portland Edition

Last Saturday, we spent all morning at the Portland Farmers Market, located along the grassy park in the middle of Portland State University's campus.

Preview on Two Hours of Sleep

We flew the red eye back from Portland, Oregon tonight (last night?!).