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Fruit Trees for a Community

The chocolate chip cookies were melting in the surprisingly warm April sun.

Nurturing a Natural Ecosystem

Last summer, Nathan Moomaw recruited customers for his new pastured based meat farm, Moomaw Family Farm, before owning a single animal.

Good Fast (Trail) Food

In a food cart built from scratch, I watched Picnic's John Dovydenas and Jen Cox form bread from giant containers of yeasted dough, roast carrots into softly blistered orange chunks, slice freshly roasted Kookoolan chickens to order, and hand customers hearty, creative cookie combinations like olive oil and pine nut.

Our 2nd Spring

In the past year, amidst unpacking, painting, gardening, work, and trips near and far, Portland's weather shifted according to the seasons: Summer involved three months of surreally beautiful dry weather, Fall brought unexpected color change, and Winter, a season I was prepared to "survive", was mild – gentler than previous years', I've heard.

Artisan Profile: Darling Press Stationers

Portland is currently the capital of the independent craftsman (as Crafty Wonderland's recent massive, convention-hall-sized-spread of Etsy sellers clearly illustrated).

The Victory Garden of Tomorrow

Our modern interest in homesteading is more than a fleeting pursuit.

How Urban Gleaners Rescues a Wasted Opportunity

It's no surprise that living in an age of globalized trade and supermarket chains has changed the way we shop for food.

Farm Profile | Sunset Lane's Pursuit of Flavor and Tradition

On a recent episode of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, Bourdain explored Austin, Texas during the insanity of the South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival.

Farm Profile | MudJoy Farm's Levels of Diversity

Harry Short grows varieties of vegetables that you've never heard of.

Up Close at PSU's Farmers' Market

I rented a 60mm macro lens last week.

Ladd's Roses

Like many cities, Portland contains numerous neighborhoods.

Sunset over Portland

Everyone knows about Portland's rain, but you probably were unaware of the amount of daylight Portland receives.

Market Snapshots: This Last Week

I feel like I blinked and the food at the farmers' markets transitioned from beets and carrots to strawberries, fava beans, snap peas, and asparagus.

A Repeat Visit

A few weeks ago, I planned a bike ride that took me from our house in Portland's Sunnyside neighborhood down to the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden and back, roughly 10 miles in total.

Friday Afternoon Along the Waterfront

We kicked off a beautiful Portland weekend by taking a late Friday afternoon stroll along the Southwest waterfront.

One Block Radius

We've been in Portland for 10 days and it's rained 8 of those days.

Market Snapshots: Opening Day of the PSU Farmers’ Market

I awoke on Saturday to the realization that it was both St.

Brooklyn ---> Portland

When we originally planned our move to the West Coast, we envisioned a once-in-a-lifetime road trip across the country.


We landed in Portland on Wednesday night, after an enjoyable drive from Brooklyn to St.

On Leaving Brooklyn

Moving to Brooklyn changed me.

Let it Rain

Portland is surrounded by mountains and bordered by the Columbia and Willamette Rivers.

Food Carts & Open Kitchens

We’ve had several people ask us how we’d describe Portland’s food culture, and we’ve found ourselves repeating words:  unpretentious, fun, ingredient focused, and welcoming.

Caffeine x 7

In the months leading up to our Portland trip, Justin and I joked that we were going to come back to Brooklyn sleep deprived, full of amazing food, and overly caffeinated.

Market Snapshots: Portland Edition

Last Saturday, we spent all morning at the Portland Farmers Market, located along the grassy park in the middle of Portland State University's campus.

Still Editing

I'm still organizing and editing the many pictures we took in Portland, with the hopes of sharing these pictures and thoughts on the various aspects of the city (coffee, food, nature) by next week!

Pigeon Toe Ceramics

In April, Justin and I are taking a long-anticipated trip to Portland, Oregon.