breakfast Recipes

Rhubarb Tart

Rhubarb Alone – By June, I’ve become dismissive of rhubarb – a feeling I hate to admit, because it means that in the span of a month, I’ve transformed from actively, and eagerly, seeking it out at the market, to haphazardly tacking it on at the end of my shopping list, well after strawberries.

Strawberry Buckle with Pistachio Streusel

A Non-Buckling Buckle – Throughout strawberry season – which lasts all summer in Oregon – our kitchen is rarely without a few tiny blue baskets of strawberries.

Julia's Banana Bread

My Maui Food Memory – Along with visiting the Haleakala Crater and driving The Road to Hana, I planned another must-do for our trip to Maui: eating as much banana bread as possible.

Almond and Jam Pastries

A Quick & Filling Pastry – As soon as I saw the picture of these almond and jam pastries in the latest Sunset Magazine, I took immediate action.

Quinoa Beet Pancakes

Red Ace Beet Pancakes – After a nearly two year hiatus, I’m surprised to write that we’re once again CSA members.

Brown Butter, Ginger, & Sour Cream Coffee Cake

A "No Bowl Left Clean" Coffee Cake – I first made this coffee cake last year, around the start of Fall.

Raspberry and Blueberry Oatbake

A Morning "Pudding" – "Pudding" is a common item on any British menu.

Strawberry Bread

Six Pints of Strawberries: Strawberry Bread – When I brought home six pints of strawberries, my vague ideas about what to do with them consisted mostly of what I didn't want to do with them.

Spinach Strata

Weekday Lunch: Spinach Strata – I've stated before that my ideal weekday lunch is seasonal, nutritious, and filling.

Late Night Radish Quiche

I already wrote about one way to cook radishes: as a component in a refreshing spring pasta.

Cherry Ginger Scones

Seeking Familiarity – To ease the transition, I've tried to replicate certain arrangements we had in our last apartment: our ubiquitous eiffel tower print is now hung above the television, per usual.

Ginger Peach Muffins

Memories of Summer: Ginger Peach Muffins – Smelling a ripe peach immediately brings to mind several food memories: summers on my parents' deck, eating the fruit as quickly as I could as it leaked all over my arm.

Bran Muffins

Bran Muffin Convert – A quick search for "Super Natural Everyday Bran Muffins" yields multiple results.

Oven-baked pancakes

A Scandinavian Treat – We brought home a few souvenirs from our September trip to London and Copenhagen, including this cute Danish bird, a small vase by Anne Black, and several Christmas presents.

Butternut Squash Muffins

Welcoming Fall Flavors – While my closet moves confidently into Fall, my palate is less gung-ho.

Blueberry Pancakes

Strawberry Pancakes

Seasonal Pancakes: Strawberry – I've posted about Justin's chocolate chip pancakes before.

Asparagus Frittata

Cooking it Fresh: Asparagus – As I wrote yesterday, our kitchen turned green last weekend.

Baked Brioche French Toast

A New Contender – Everyone loves brunch on the weekend--especially, it seems, in Brooklyn.

Yogurt Scones with Dried Apricots

A New Appreciation – My husband loves scones.

Shaker Pumpkin Walnut Bread

Canned Pumpkin Problem – This past Fall, I acted like (some) people do before a big snowstorm and stocked up like I wouldn't be able to leave the apartment all winter.

Polenta Pound Cake with Mascarpone & Rosemary

Birthday (Polenta) Cake – This is actually a dish I was hoping to make the day before Thanksgiving, for all of us to munch on while we were cooking Thanksgiving dinner.

Zucchini Bread

The Foot Long Zucchini – Frankly, the size of this zucchini is intimidating.

Strawberry Shortcake

‘The Best Strawberry Shortcakes’ – Edible Communities is a network of local food magazines.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

A Weekend Tradition – For our family of two, making chocolate chip pancakes has come to signify a leisurely weekend morning.