Jan 10 2013

2012 Coffee: Stumptown is King

Total coffee bags prepared at home

52 bags

New York coffees before moving: 6, from Cafe Grumpy and Joe

Single bags from Roasters: Lexington, Batdorf and Bronson, Extracto, and Trailhead

Non-PDX coffee while living in PDX: 4 bags from San Francisco's Sightglass, courtesy of Barista

King Stumptown: 24 bags!

Portland Roasters other than Stumptown:

Coffee Across the Globe:

  • Ethiopia: 12 bags, including 3 Yirgacheffes
  • Columbia: 10 bags
  • Guatamala: 8 bags
  • Panama: 5 bags (from two different estates)
  • Costa Rica: 5 bags
  • Burundi: 4 bags, all from Stumptown
  • Peru: 2 bags, both from Stumptown
  • Honduras: 2 bags
  • Bolivia, Rwanda, Zambia, and El Salvador: 1 bag from each country

Least Caffeinated Months: February and October