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2014 Coffee: Reflections & Highlights

If you’re inclined to reflect on the previous year, I suggest that you save and then categorize a year’s worth of coffee bags.

2013 Coffee: A Year in Review

Heart’s Kenya Gichathaini: Besides having a truly fun name to say out loud, the Gichathaini provides the perfect example of a washed East African coffee.

A Non-Buckling Buckle

Throughout strawberry season – which lasts all summer in Oregon – our kitchen is rarely without a few tiny blue baskets of strawberries.

2012 Coffee: Stumptown is King

A "No Bowl Left Clean" Coffee Cake

I first made this coffee cake last year, around the start of Fall.

2011 Coffee: More coffee than weeks in the year!

In fact: Coffee from Ethiopia was our favorite throughout the year--we had a total of 8 Ethiopian coffees, with Guatemalan coffee closely behind with 7 bags.

Care for a Stubby?

Oliver Strand wrote that these bottles look as if they belong in a "cooler on the porch".

Market Snapshots: Copenhagen’s Torvehallerne

Copenhagen’s new year round food market, Torvehallerne, opened on Friday, September 2, 2011.

A Few Favorite Finds

I have a not-so secret love of screen printed, handmade tea towels, and house a growing collection in one of our drawers.

Caffeine x 7

In the months leading up to our Portland trip, Justin and I joked that we were going to come back to Brooklyn sleep deprived, full of amazing food, and overly caffeinated.

Riverside Park & Columbia University

On Saturday, we took a day trip to Upper Manhattan, specifically West 110th-122nd Streets.

Bringing a Coffee Bean to ‘Life’

Cafe Grumpy has two locations in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan.