Aug 25 2011

Peach Picking

Fishkill Farms has one of the most welcoming stands at the greenmarket.  They arrange their products in overturned crates and cartons that rest on burlap and gingham covered tables.  The signage is crisp and marked with their well-designed logo.  Instead of showcasing an overwhelming number of tomatoes or peaches, they put out just enough, and then replenish the baskets when necessary.  Stepping into Fishkill Farm's tent provides a welcome respite from the often hectic Greenmarket shopping experience.

Despite immensely enjoying their food, I'd yet to visit Fishkill, so when I received a newsletter from the farm relaying that peaches were plentiful for picking, Justin and I quickly decided to rent a car and drive up to the farm.

Fishkill is located in Dutchess County, only an hour and a half way from Brooklyn (without traffic).  Much of the farm is dotted with 2 varieties of peach trees and 15 varieties of apple trees, along with a small orchard of pear trees and an even smaller orchard of nectarines.  The orchards are surrounded by the main barn, greenhouses, a section of cherry trees, blueberry and blackberry groves, and mixed vegetable plots.

We could have picked 10 pounds worth of peaches in the first 5 minutes, but decided to slow our experience down and breathe in the sweet peach smell...and fight off the swarms of sugar-crazed mosquitoes!