Dec 27 2010

Traveling Adventures

Getting home yesterday was not as calm and leisurely as expected.  We trained home from Boston to Manhattan, catching the second to last train out.  The train ride was smooth and we even managed to haul our 100 + pounds of luggage and tote bags onto an arriving subway train.  The adventure started when we exited the Bergen Street subway.

Nothing had been plowed, snow was piling up...and we had nearly a mile to walk in the heart of the blizzard.  I surged ahead with everything but the luggage, while Justin alternated between dragging and carrying the rolling suitcase and giant duffle.  I then ran back to help Justin...before we lugged everything up our 4 flights of stairs.  What is normally a 15 minute walk became an hour and a half struggle!

Brooklyn snowBrooklyn snow

Today we hiked the few blocks up to Prospect Park to take in the winter scenery.  Brooklyn still feels very cut off.  Most roads haven't even been touched by a plow.  We were planning on leaving for Virginia today, but that completely depends on how quickly snow can be removed!