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The Taste of “Good” Pasta

Americans consistently elevate Italian food culture onto a mantle of gastronomic fulfillment.

Sometimes Dinner Looks Like This

In late March and early April, there’s a limit to my cuisinal inspiration.

Lunchtime Flexibility

The ease I referenced in my last post has stayed with me in the kitchen this week.

Cooking it Fresh: Spring Radishes

It's challenging to create a recipe when you're faced with both ingredient and time restrictions.

Weekday Lunch: Orzo with Broccoli Pesto

The most recent thief of my cooking motivation is the Fall time change.

It’s Worth It

If you caught my recent post about Fleisher's you saw that after two years of vegetarianism, I've started to eat small amounts of meat again.

Rhubarb Tagliatelle

Rhubarb never overstays its welcome at the farmers market:  it shows up, people flock around the bins, and then it's gone.

Cooking it Fresh: Acorn Squash

I found many options, both online and in a few of my cookbooks, for my previously mentioned task of reviving acorn squash's reputation to be something I want to eat.

Need a dinner idea tonight?

How about Cacio e Pepe?

Sunday is for slow, rich dinners

A few Sundays ago, we were in the mood for a filling, warm, and frankly heavy Sunday dinner.


Yesterday demanded an easy meal.

Frankies Eggplant Marinara

In full disclosure, I've yet to go to Frankies Spuntino or Prime Meats, though I have been to Café Pedlar numerous times (which should count for something by association!).

Fiery Tomato Sauce

I view a homemade tomato sauce as a blank slate.

All Day Eating

We viewed the 4th of July as the official kick-off of our summer in Brooklyn.

Minimalist Creativity

Our final CSA from the always wonderful Garden of Eve Farm resulted in….more potatoes!

Jumping on the Ramp Bandwagon

Until moving to Brooklyn, I was unaware of the relative insanity that surrounds the start of ramp season.

Our First Spring Green

I was unaware of exactly how delicious and fleeting pea shoots were until they became a surprise addition in our Garden of Eve CSA share this past weekend.