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Pan Loaf Experimentation

Justin thoughtfully bought two Pullman pans and a copy of the new Meyers Bakery cookbook for my January birthday.

Post Partum Baking Update

When I was pregnant with Hugh, I baked constantly.

Letting Go of Control

I’ve struggled with the concepts of change and control for as long as memory serves.

Three Shades of Cauliflower

As adults, we tend to think of our personalities as fixed.

Altering Food Memories

Have you ever thought about your most vivid food memories?

A Whole Grain Bookend

I’ve never been able to consistently keep a journal or a diary.

Storage Onions

You wouldn’t know it from this post, but we cooked with asparagus and strawberries this weekend.

My Maui Food Memory

Along with visiting the Haleakala Crater and driving The Road to Hana, I planned another must-do for our trip to Maui: eating as much banana bread as possible.

Kitchen Exhaustion

If anyone had walked through my kitchen the Monday after Thanksgiving, they would have stopped in alarm.

Asparagus Pizza at Home

I could eat pizza four days a week and would still excitedly say 'yes' if someone suggested grabbing a pizza on the fifth day.

The Cabbage that Resembled a Brussels Sprout

This cabbage was truly massive.

Late Night Radish Quiche

I already wrote about one way to cook radishes: as a component in a refreshing spring pasta.

Welcoming Fall Flavors

While my closet moves confidently into Fall, my palate is less gung-ho.

Cooking it Fresh: Zucchini

We've now made this galette two times in the last three days.

Three Layers, Four Hours

Since I’ve weathered the storm—though my kitchen, even after cleaning for an hour last night is still in disarray—the recipe at the end of this post is my adapted take, with the steps in the order I think they should be.

A New Appreciation

My husband loves scones.


I made my very first cake this weekend, in honor of my mother-in-law's birthday.

Cooking it Fresh: Carrots

On Thursday, I spent 45 minutes searching for a carrot recipe.

Canned Pumpkin Problem

This past Fall, I acted like (some) people do before a big snowstorm and stocked up like I wouldn't be able to leave the apartment all winter.

Birthday (Polenta) Cake

This is actually a dish I was hoping to make the day before Thanksgiving, for all of us to munch on while we were cooking Thanksgiving dinner.

A Harvest Pie

My favorite kind of baking doesn't involve icing cupcakes, decorating cookies, or layering a cake.

End of Summer Reflections

It's time to say goodbye to a busy, memorable, and extremely hot summer.

The Foot Long Zucchini

Frankly, the size of this zucchini is intimidating.

All Day Eating

We viewed the 4th of July as the official kick-off of our summer in Brooklyn.

Chicago Style in New York

In the February issue of Cook's Illustrated, I spotted a challenge that I was eager to take on:  Chicago-Style Deep-Dish Pizza.