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Non-Preachy Pie

Imagine the hardiest slice of seasonal fruit pie you’ve ever eaten, cut and served to you by two Canadian sisters baking in a space barely big enough to hold the three of you.

Regularly Scheduled Content

I assure you I've been doing more this past week than eating dessert, but I'm still organizing my thoughts, editing pictures, and brainstorming content.

A Pie Revelation

If I were to hazard a guess as to how many times I've talked about 4 and 20 Blackbirds, or how many hunger pangs I've felt thinking about their pies, the numbers would seem ludicrous to you — unless you yourself have eaten a slice at 4&20 (or live close to the pie shop, as we used to).

Reasons to Bake an Apple Pie in January

First, it's early January.

Evoking Maine

For me, blueberry pie evokes images of Maine, sunflowers, and sitting by the ocean.

Happy 4th!

I made these portable pies yesterday and we've been munching on them all weekend.

Artisan Profile: Rachel’s Pies

I’d first tried Rachel’s Pies at the inaugural Fort Greene Brooklyn Flea of the summer.

Food Carts & Open Kitchens

We’ve had several people ask us how we’d describe Portland’s food culture, and we’ve found ourselves repeating words:  unpretentious, fun, ingredient focused, and welcoming.

Photos from a Festive 4th

Temperatures climbed and kept climbing this past holiday weekend.

Brooklyn Bridge Park: Pier 1

The Brooklyn Bridge Park is a massive undertaking.