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Non-Preachy Pie

Imagine the hardiest slice of seasonal fruit pie you’ve ever eaten, cut and served to you by two Canadian sisters baking in a space barely big enough to hold the three of you.

Good Fast (Trail) Food

In a food cart built from scratch, I watched Picnic's John Dovydenas and Jen Cox form bread from giant containers of yeasted dough, roast carrots into softly blistered orange chunks, slice freshly roasted Kookoolan chickens to order, and hand customers hearty, creative cookie combinations like olive oil and pine nut.

Artisan Profile: Darling Press Stationers

Portland is currently the capital of the independent craftsman (as Crafty Wonderland's recent massive, convention-hall-sized-spread of Etsy sellers clearly illustrated).

The Victory Garden of Tomorrow

Our modern interest in homesteading is more than a fleeting pursuit.

Images from the Butter + Love Kitchen

The images are in chronological order in the gallery.

Artisan Profile: Butter + Love

A girl from a large, close-knit Kansas family graduates high school and moves East.

Coming Soon: Butter + Love

On Monday, I spent three hours in a Sunset Park industrial kitchen with Alison Walla of Butter + Love.

Artisan Profile: Rachel’s Pies

I’d first tried Rachel’s Pies at the inaugural Fort Greene Brooklyn Flea of the summer.

Artisan Profile: Brooklyn Butcher Blocks

When Nils Wessell, the one-man woodworker/proprietor/owner of Brooklyn Butcher Blocks agreed to meet me at 'the pie shop', there was no confusion as to which pie shop he meant:  Gowanus’ Four and Twenty Blackbirds—THE pie shop, at least in our opinions.

Artisan Profile: Bailey Doesn’t Bark

My first time exploring Etsy was also the first time I noticed Bailey Doesn’t Bark.