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Shaking Off Frustrations

A garden can lift you up or break you down, and this year, our garden has succeeded at doing both.

The Best Time of Year (For a Garden)

The garden really comes into its own by early July.

Already Outdated

I water, examine, assess, and enjoy my garden daily, and yet it wasn’t until I started editing these photos snapped two weeks ago that I realized how much had changed in a short amount of time.

A New Year, A More Measured Approach

I walked into the house this morning and casually mentioned to Justin that everything in the garden was “looking far”.

There is No Finish Line

The summer garden is in its final days.

A July Garden in June

Given the heat of 2015, our yard and garden is rapidly approaching end of July appearances, for better and for worse.

Informative Observations

When people ask me what I’ve done in 2015, my answers might sound less than adventurous to you (running and gardening), but the details in each of those “tasks” are greater, and more complicated, than those two words.

Ahead of Schedule

The calendar says early April, but garden activity has felt three weeks ahead of the actual date for all of 2015.

Garden Planning

In my two-ish seasons of planting last year, I never found a balance between the whimsical and poetic dreams of my aspirational garden, and the realities of planning and structure.

Thoughts from Afar

I edited and uploaded the images for this post almost four weeks ago.

One Cuttlefish Hoe to Rule Them All

It’s bizarre how we wrap tasks in an artificial scaffolding of lists and timelines, knowing that, inevitably, a surprising gust of wind will blow through, crumbling your weak scaffolding as you scramble to rearrange timelines and to-dos.

Optimism and Possibilities

June in the garden: a time when anxious planning transforms into fleeting optimism.

An Adequate Response

It’s happened again.

The Garden Takes Care of Itself

The past few days aside, May and early June felt like summer in the Pacific Northwest.

Growing Season, Already?

After a long winter hiatus, when I first picked up the little green notebook in which I record gardening notes, I flipped to see when the last entry was.

Mimosa Tree Woes

As July turned to August, I didn't share a garden update because much remained the same.

Complacency Forgiven

June was a productive month for our 4x4 garden, the multiple container plants scattered about our driveway, and the flowers in both the front and back yards.

Midnight Gardening with “Ladies in Red”

The last time I wrote about gardening and general backyard maintenance, I was still cleaning things up and progress inched along.

Dandelions, Slugs, and Buried Yard Tools

To me, one of the most exciting parts of home rentership, aside from doing laundry whenever I want and not hearing the neighbor's conversations, is having a yard.